Welcome Our Newest Writers

Delta: After a long break due to a burnout, camp, school, extra-curricular (s) and a whole bit of other things, I will finally be returning to this blog page to continue writing. This time, there is someone else is going to help me out. This individual is going to help build our page, which allows for more posts, also it’ll provide another “entertaining” writing style to the blog. Now I begin…
Dear, Beatboxers & to those whom have discovered us;
Please welcome ZeHyO or Sapphire to the writing team! I’ll allow her to introduce herself below.

ZeHyO, the one and only: Hello peoples! Its me, ZeHyO or Sapphire Rose, however you know me, you know me. Or maybe, just perhaps you are new to this little thing we have going here for all you internet peoples, with that I welcome you and I hope that you enjoy your stay. Moving along, from my understanding I am to introduce myself right here >>> [place very vivid intro here] <<<
Anywho, I’ve already stated me name, so letz go on to the juicy stuff shall we. “I am” statements, is how we all describe ourselves, or how we are feeling, right? So I thought I would do just that to interject who I am to this community I love so much.

I am a beatboxer, might nawt be a good one but I am titled that. Being a beatboxer for me is great, it gives a sense of belonging to a group y’know. Its one full of peoples whom love to make noises with their mouth, but its a home away from my physical home where I eat, sleep and etc. Being apart of it all, being honest is really fun with all the jamming and tournaments, and omg championships! It is also difficult at times too, with sounds, flow, and all the other categories where you try to cover it all to show your amazingness. But over all the best part is the connections with others, and bonding with someone who can be your go to for figuring stuffs out, or HYPE everyone needs some encouragement too. Then there is the fr13ndsh1ps that develop, brother or sister-ship (I really don’t know if that’s the word for it lol). Its just all beautiful, so my being here on this blog, writing to yous, is not only my intro, but one for you too. If you’re interested that is!

I am a host, so through this wonderful digital world I’ve become a host for tournaments. What kind of tournaments, you may ask. Well let me tell you, I like to do… wait for it, WAIT!!! Tournaments where you try to hit a golf ball as far as you can you compete with your beatboxing skill sets against others. Our events go from Top 8’s to 16’s, which really is just whom will get to the top of the ladder.

Delta: “BUT WAIT!” Billy Mays once said. “THERE’S MORE!” Not only we are adding one new writer, but a second writer. This man has been a long time member of the Beatbox Talk Community and provides expertise in judging and beatboxing (more than me let’s be real). Please welcome sbzx to the team. *claps all around*

sbzx: Good Afternoon/Morning/Night to all you wonderful beings. This is sbzx (is a mouthful I know maybe just call me Charlie) signing in to my mate Delta’s blogpage, sincerely hoping that I can deliver and hopefully provide you all with cherished content.

Right off the bat allow me to admit that I am very very new to online blogging and especially WordPress. I may muck up quite often in the beginning and I earnestly ask you to forgive me for those. I promise you that once I get the gist of all this, errors would be a rarity.

As Delta mentioned above, I am a Judge and a beatboxer myself (kudos to him, he finally started dishing out the right info in a long while). I’ve never tried out hosting tournaments mainly because I felt like I lacked the charisma required to be a host that is loved and appreciated by all, hence the decision to get into judging battles. Needless to say, I am in mad love with this acquired role of mine. I have been beatboxing for about a year and half so maybe not that good at it, but hey it is one of my most cherished hobbies.

With this, I sign off for the time being, sincerely hoping that I can contribute to this already great community in some way or the other and make this an even better place.

Aussie Out.

Delta: I am certainly looking forward to working with these two folks (who will probably annoy me in the end but you only live once so hey, may as well am I right?) and I am looking forward to bringing back the content. I will be looking out for more writers so if you would like to, please message me on Discord (deltabbx#1250) or join my personal server or Beatbox Talk to get an easy hold of me as I am most active there. Links to both of those servers will be posted below. Thanks for reading.

Deltabbx Airlines: https://discord.gg/T6f6F3c

Beatbox Talk: https://discord.gg/wkUbjMj



Beatbox Talk: THE Online Beatboxing Community

First entering the online community of beatboxing can be scary at first. You don’t know anyone, you don’t know how people will act, which communities are nice, which ones aren’t as nice, skill levels appropriate for you and so many other factors. I’ve been there, done that and I’m pretty knowledgeable in a few communities especially on Discord. This community, however, is recognized by many other big communities as THE place for beatboxers to go.

This community founded Beatbox Subreddit, is partnered with the Beatbox Hangout Amino and has a whole load of support behind it with the focus of bringing the online beatboxing community together and is also inviting beatboxers all over the world to come to join the global jam.

Beatbox Talk. THE place for talking beatbox.


Beatbox Talk is a Discord server owned by D-Koy, Young, BBK and C-Fresh with the very goal of bringing the online beatboxing community closer together to create the best environment possible for the beatboxing community. Many people have succeeded at created their own communities for people of similar interests but when it comes to beatboxing, this is THE place to go to.

Here’s just a list of the things that is great about Beatbox Talk:

  • Tournaments on Tuesdays at 7PM EST and Saturdays 2PM EST
  • Trained staff willing to make the best experience possible
  • Active chat, voice channels and community
  • A YouTube channel and podcast
  • Wide range of skill levels

Beatbox Talk is at the forefront of online beatboxing communities and welcomes everyone with open arms into the online community of beatboxing to allow for the best experience possible. The link to join is down below. Get ready to join the global jam.