Beatbox Talk: THE Online Beatboxing Community

First entering the online community of beatboxing can be scary at first. You don’t know anyone, you don’t know how people will act, which communities are nice, which ones aren’t as nice, skill levels appropriate for you and so many other factors. I’ve been there, done that and I’m pretty knowledgeable in a few communities especially on Discord. This community, however, is recognized by many other big communities as THE place for beatboxers to go.

This community founded Beatbox Subreddit, is partnered with the Beatbox Hangout Amino and has a whole load of support behind it with the focus of bringing the online beatboxing community together and is also inviting beatboxers all over the world to come to join the global jam.

Beatbox Talk. THE place for talking beatbox.


Beatbox Talk is a Discord server owned by D-Koy, Young, BBK and C-Fresh with the very goal of bringing the online beatboxing community closer together to create the best environment possible for the beatboxing community. Many people have succeeded at created their own communities for people of similar interests but when it comes to beatboxing, this is THE place to go to.

Here’s just a list of the things that is great about Beatbox Talk:

  • Tournaments on Tuesdays at 7PM EST and Saturdays 2PM EST
  • Trained staff willing to make the best experience possible
  • Active chat, voice channels and community
  • A YouTube channel and podcast
  • Wide range of skill levels

Beatbox Talk is at the forefront of online beatboxing communities and welcomes everyone with open arms into the online community of beatboxing to allow for the best experience possible. The link to join is down below. Get ready to join the global jam.



Delta’s Guide to Discord: Your First Impressions

Are you new to Discord? This post is going to cover the bare basics of Discord, how to use it, settings and other kinks and tricks that you should know before venturing out into the world of Discord. Let’s go.




To sign up for Discord, go to and look around the site for a bit. You’ll then see “Open Discord.” Click that and it will redirect you to Click “Register” below the boxed which will redirect you to and make your account.

Congratulations! You just made your first account. I’ll be showing the downloaded version of Discord which is the same as the web version and for future posts, the Android version as there are some differences between the two.


new home

Your home should look a bit something like this. There are a few things I would like to point out first. The area in black to the left is your server bar. You can switch back to your most recently viewed channel by using Ctrl+K. This is really useful if you have 2 people talking to you at once, trying to get your attention while you’re trying to make a blog post or doing some gambling with bots or doing some other weird thing. Anyways, on to the numbers and what each of them is.

  1. That shows your username and a 4 digit code called a discriminator. This is a number that cannot be changed unless you purchase Discord Nitro or change your username to a username of someone else with that same discriminator (it changes it for you). Try to remember your discriminator as you will need this to add people like IRL friends that aren’t already in a server with you.
  2. The mute button. This is used while you’re in a voice channel but can be used pre-emptively to not disturb anyone in the room. If your parents walk in on you, this is your best friend if you choose not to have push to talk.
  3. The deafen button. This function automatically mutes you if you do it yourself and prevents any sounds from the voice channel from being heard. Remember the previous situation? If your parents walk in on you and you’re not wearing earbuds or headphones, this is your best friend.
  4. The setting button. This button will be covered in a bit but it’s where all the personalization things are.
  5. The Add Friend button is where you go to add friends using their username and discriminator combination.


Now you are settled in your new home, you just have to move the furniture into place and make it your place AKA adjust your settings. Let’s dive into that.

(This part is after ProjectBlurple was launched which is why my profile picture is different).

my account

Running it down from top to bottom;

  • Username is the username + discriminator combo
  • Email is my email
  • Edit allows you to change your password, username and email that everything is sent to.
  • Two-Factor Authentification is something that will require a bit of explaining.

When first enabled, 2FA will give a list of eight 8 digit backup codes that you can use in case you need to log in again. These 8 can be refreshed and changed for a new set of 8 codes. There is also a 6 digit code that you need to access through your phone using an app like Google Authenticator which can be used for other accounts alongside Discord. This code refreshes every 15 seconds or so, so be quick or wait for the next one. To see these backup codes on your computer, search through your Discord files until you see a file called discord_backup_codes.txt. If you are using the browser version, disable 2FA using your current password.

NOTE: Do not use spaces or dashes when entering your code. It will not work then.

For more information on 2FA, check out these posts from Discord:

Last up is SMS Authentication. This just sends a text to your phone which is a verification code that you type in to log in. It’s pretty much like 2FA.

For the rest of the settings, I won’t be screenshotting it because that would take a long time and it’s better for you to check it out for yourself and fiddle around with the options to find what fits you. I’m just going to briefly run down the rest of the options as 2FA is one of the most important things and needed a lot of explaining.

Privacy and Safety:

This allows you to set who to scan direct messages from to keep you safe from the bad stuff, change if people in the same server and DM you without being friends and who can add you as a friend.

Authorized Apps:

This shows a list of apps that you have authorized to do certain things like see a list of servers you’re in or access your username and avatar. This is mainly for bots if you have decided to add them to your server as it requires authorization but other things like websites with Discord integration also require this.


Allows you to connect other accounts to Discord. This will also show it on your profile and will give others the option to join you if possible for them but this can be disabled.

Discord Nitro:

This is the paid subscription service to Discord that allows you to do many cool things like change your discriminator, use emotes from other servers without the use of global emotes and it adds a cool flair to the profile when people look at it.

Voice and Video:

Allows you to change the voice call and video settings from things like microphone and what kind of input you use (push to talk or voice activity) and what camera you use for video calls and other options like attenuation, voice processing and using an older legacy audio system.


Change what you see and how you see other people.


Change the notifications you receive.


Shortcuts galore.


This is similar to connections except it displays the game based off of the files in your computer. If there isn’t a game there that should be or you want to change the name of a non-verified game to something else, that is possible. Verified games’ names cannot be changed to my knowledge.

Text and Images:

You can change image and emoji display here.


If you’ve ever wanted to go blind by using light mode, you can do so here. This tab also allows you to change the text font size and gives you the option to enable Developer Mode.

Developer mode is really useful as it allows you to copy the IDs of users, servers, messages and messages with channels. Once enabled, right click on a user, server or message and click “Copy ID.” If you are sending a report to Discord that requires a message, hold shift when you copy the ID of the message and you will get the channel ID as well.

Streamer Mode:

Stuff for streamers. Check it out if you plan to stream in the future.


Change “Hello” to “Bonjour.”

Windows Settings:

Startup options and minimizing can be changed here.

Change Log:

A list of changes from the latest update will be displayed by clicking this button.

Log Out:

Log out of your account to another one to troll people on an alternate account.

That’s pretty much all there is to Discord. If you haven’t started using Discord, you should probably do so because it’s the best thing you can do as you’ll make new friends and join communities that you wouldn’t have imagined.

And with all that, thanks for reading.


The Newest Kids On The Beatboxing Block: Introducing Beatbox Hangout

THE REVAMP IS HERE! BAC is no more and we now bring you the brand spanking new, Beatbox Hangout. It’s still the same staff as before with BAC but we’re under a new name, a couple more staff and a brand spanking new Amino as well as a Discord server that has been reworked into what it is RIGHT NOW!

Come join us on the Discord server or on the Amino app. Links to both of those will be below. I hope to see you there.


Amino (download the app on your phone):


An Updated List of Beatboxing Discord Servers

I would first like to thank everyone for checking out my blog. Assuming that you came from either this post or my other list of Discord servers, I’m making this post to update you guys on other Beatboxing Discord servers that are worth checking out. I’m going to do it a bit differently this time as I have left some servers from the last list/some servers have gone extinct from humanity and Discord. The servers that are listed here are the only servers that I am a part of at this current date (December 6, 2017).

First edit (May 11, 2018): Took out Audicord due to deletion and leaving, updated link for Dubcord, took out Liberty due to re-purposing, changed BAC to Beatbox Hangout.

Second edit (June 13, 2018): Updated link for Beatbox Talk.

Logo Wordmark Color


The first one is my Discord server, Deltabbx Airlines. Not much I can say about it aside from I’m usually there for a conversation. All of my staff are really nice as well. It has been a little while since the revamp but it has since been re-purposed into a hybrid server (chill and beatbox). I’m always up for a conversation and helping out others.


The Beatbox Hangout is still here. The main leader, AreLo, just did an entire renovation of the server to make it more organized. I’m the main person staff member you will be coming as I am sort of the tech guy of the group. Another great server. We are open to beatboxers of all skill levels.


Beatbox Talk is one of the newest servers on the block. Run by D-Koy, this server has tournaments on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7PM EST. I don’t see this server falling off soon as they also have a YouTube channel where they post the finals of the tournaments.


Human Beatbox Family has been recently been revived by hard work from one of the judges, Mousey. He’s put in a lot of time recently into hosting tournaments on the server and deserves a special mention here. It’s one of the most well-known servers for it’s connection to HBB as a resource and website.



Dubcord is owned by Dubby. From my experience, Dubby has been really welcoming to newcomers of the server and has a really nice cast of staff to help him run the server as well as a nice schedule of variety with their open mics, tournaments and gaming nights. they include a lot of singers as well so if you’re looking to collab with singers, this isn’t that bad of a place to start off.


Those are all the servers this time around. If you have any more servers, feel free to DM on Discord. Please also state that you want it to be included in the next Discord server list otherwise I probably won’t care about it.

Other than that, thanks for reading.

All the Beatbox Discord Servers I’m in (OUTDATED)

Click here for the updated list. This post will remain as a memory to myself and will not be taken down. 

Discord is by far, my most used program. I love all the servers I am a part of and some of you people might want to be with and interact with me.

Image result for discord logo

The first server I am a part of is my own server. I am the admin of the server and is the best way to reach out to me through any of these servers.


The second server is the Beatbox Amino Community. I am a part of the Beatbox Amino Community as a Curator. If you are going to join the server, please join the Amino as well otherwise you may be kicked.


The third server is Music Core. I was invited here by a friend of mine and I am a Moderator there. It’s a tad bit inactive but feel free to start conversations and someone will most likely join.


The fourth server is Survivalists of Nature. This server is also a tad bit inactive because it has very little people. I would like to grow this server so please join this one out of all of them.


The fifth server is Stargaze. This is probably the most organised server out of all of the servers on this list with the exception of HBB.


The sixth server is -Nyaa – Music. I can’t get a server URL for this server but you should be able to search it up and it should pop up.

The seventh server is ChillHub. You may notice that a lot of people in one server, are in another server. This was intended as a test server but it has a beatboxing voice channel so I’m putting it here. I am a Leader here.


The eighth server is Checkmark Army. The gimmick here is that everyone’s name has checkmarks before and after their name. This is a beatbox, rap and music server so if you’re not into any of those, not for you then.


The ninth server is Dubtopia. This is probably the worst server to reach out to me through since I rarely use it but it is owned by Dubby. A lot of the people who play with Dubby are higher ranks so if you want a higher rank in the server, play with Dubby and build a relationship with him.


The tenth server is Human Beatbox Family. This is the other server that is really organised and I participate rather frequently in dailies.


The last server is the /r/beatbox server. This belongs to the Reddit community and it was the first beatbox server I ever joined.


I hope to see you in any of these servers and thank you for reading.