All the Beatbox Discord Servers I’m in

Discord is by far, my most used program. I love all the servers I am a part of and some of you people might want to be with and interact with me.

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The first server I am a part of is my own server. I am the admin of the server and is the best way to reach out to me through any of these servers.


The second server is the Beatbox Amino Community. I am a part of the Beatbox Amino Community as a Curator. If you are going to join the server, please join the Amino as well otherwise you may be kicked.


The third server is Music Core. I was invited here by a friend of mine and I am a Moderator there. It’s a tad bit inactive but feel free to start conversations and someone will most likely join.


The fourth server is Survivalists of Nature. This server is also a tad bit inactive because it has very little people. I would like to grow this server so please join this one out of all of them.


The fifth server is Stargaze. This is probably the most organised server out of all of the servers on this list with the exception of HBB.


The sixth server is -Nyaa – Music. I can’t get a server URL for this server but you should be able to search it up and it should pop up.

The seventh server is ChillHub. You may notice that a lot of people in one server, are in another server. This was intended as a test server but it has a beatboxing voice channel so I’m putting it here. I am a Leader here.


The eighth server is Checkmark Army. The gimmick here is that everyone’s name has checkmarks before and after their name. This is a beatbox, rap and music server so if you’re not into any of those, not for you then.


The ninth server is Dubtopia. This is probably the worst server to reach out to me through since I rarely use it but it is owned by Dubby. A lot of the people who play with Dubby are higher ranks so if you want a higher rank in the server, play with Dubby and build a relationship with him.


The tenth server is Human Beatbox Family. This is the other server that is really organised and I participate rather frequently in dailies.


The last server is the /r/beatbox server. This belongs to the Reddit community and it was the first beatbox server I ever joined.


I hope to see you in any of these servers and thank you for reading.


Freestyling 2

This is my second freestyle here on my blog page. I apologise that I have been rather inactive for this past week but there will be another post coming out this week. With that out of the way, please enjoy the freestyle and thank you for reading.

How I Judge a Beatbox Battle

Many different people who are judging a beatbox battle have many different things that they judge. Sometimes, it’s way too much so in this blog, I would like to tell you about how I judge a battle.

My first criteria for a battle is a solid flow. A solid flow is just a beatboxer staying in tempo and following the beat. For the most part, beatboxing is done in 4/4 time in music so the beat is 1, 2, 3, 4. If they can put something on the on-beat aka one of the numbers at a certain tempo like 120, then they have a solid flow. This is one of the most basic things that beatboxers should be able to nail down since they basically become a metronome.

My second criteria is a variation of sounds. Confession. I have a very small sound pool. I’m trying to improve it but I have a really small sound pool. If you have a lot of sounds in your arsenal, you can last a battle and make a routine. Having a variation of sounds used in a battle is important because it keeps people interested. They like variation so having different types of sounds like bass and snares offer a good performance.

My third criteria are their specialty. There are several kinds of beatboxers out there and this is dependent on their style. I’ll name a few styles and beatboxers that come to mind with those styles.

Musicality: krNfx

Technicality: Alem

Bass heavy: MTS

Uniqueness: D-Low

Clean beats: Ball-Zee

Masters of a certain sound: NaPoM

It’s not about what style that is chosen but rather, how they execute the style. I personally try to have a bit of all the styles listed above to add some uniqueness to my own style.

My last piece of criteria is how enjoyable it was to listen to. If it’s not nice to listen to, it gets a bad mark. It’s mainly about how others like the performance. There’s a reason that bigger beatboxers on YouTube don’t use more complex sounds. It’s because the general public doesn’t like it. Other beatboxers do but not everyone is a beatboxer so using easier and more identifiable sounds.

And that is how I judge a battle. Flow, variation, style/execution and enjoyability. This may or may not set a guideline for newer judgers but this just how I judge and in no way is the way everyone has.

Other than that, thank you for reading.

My Biggest Performance

This moment was by far my biggest performance I had ever done in my 1 year of beatboxing.

December 23, 2016:

It wasn’t just any school day. It was my school Christmas Assembly. We had a good turn up that day and I was barely squished in last minute by the Grade 12s running it. (Thanks for making my life a pain. First I have to worry about it, then I don’t have to worry about it then I do, like please show me some mercy). Anyways, I was put back in last minute as they finally found a way to put me in. We had a rehearsal earlier that morning and that went fine as I got through my whole 15 seconds of walking across from stage left to stage right.

Around 10:00 AM is when the assembly started and I went on at about 11:30 AM (somewhere around that time). My part was earlier than expected since a lot of videos that were supposed to be playing were cut out due to technical difficulties. With a microphone in my right hand and a crowd of 800 students waiting for me not knowing what was going to happen, there was only one thing left to do.

“Don’t be afraid of other beatboxers. Take the mic. Perform.” -Alem

This is a quote from the winner of the 4th annual Beatbox Battle World Championship, Alem. Instead of other beatboxers, it was my school.

I walked on stage and as soon as I took my first step, it went from casual conversations between friends to people cheering my name. It was probably the scariest moment of my life but it was only for 15 seconds. After that, the crowd went silent.

Below is the cover of Jingle Bell Rock that I performed with a bit of variation on it. It’s basically the same for the most part.

Alem’s quote says it pretty well. Just take the mic and perform. That’s what I did and you can do the same.

Thank you for reading.

Freestyling 1

Down below is a freestyle from my Instagram that I posted last Tuesday. I went for a trap style on this freestyle and I really like the beat at the beginning since it replicates a typical trap beat.

Hope you enjoy and thank you for reading.

My Beatboxing Story

As many of you may know, I am a beatboxer. I have been beatboxing for a little over 1 year now but it all started with a beginning.

December 31, 2015: I decided to try and do an all nighter for New Year’s Eve. That clearly didn’t work out however, I was watching videos on beatboxing. I don’t know what got me the urge to watch them but I did. The main ones that I remember watching were from the 2012 Beatbox Battle World Championship. A few memorable videos were krNfx vs Alem, Skiller vs Alem and Shawn Lee vs K.I.M. At that moment, I had the urge to learn how to beatbox. It just seemed so fascinating to me and I wanted to try and learn.

The next day, I started learning. The first sound I remember learning was the kick drum. I used several different tutorials for the basics. The first one was krNfx’s playlist on Maker Music and the second was SoCloseToToast’s playlist. Links to both of those below.

Up until that point, I never had any sort of motivation to continue doing something for a long period of time. I never excelled at anything on a community basis except for playing The Trumpet and my academics until grade 6, which is when my grades started to fall off the face of the Earth. I was really motivated to learn and I think the reason why was the drive to be the best, at least at my school. It would seem pretty hard to beat out 800+ other students but considering the fact that not everyone beatboxes, it would be pretty easy to.

My first post of beatboxing was posted on my birthday, January 27, 2016. A link to that will be posted below. It’s really bad in my opinion since I have improved from “just” the drumkit to basses, click rolls, and other sounds. I still keep those basic sounds with me in my beats but I also use more advanced sounds compared to the simpler ones to make a distinct style.


Yes. That is my ugly face. FACE REVEAL. All silly jokes aside, if you look at the comments of my older posts, you will notice a lot of hate. One of the comments on this post is from a person I used to go to school with. He started to cyber bully me after he left my school. I fought back here however I have changed since and haven’t responded to as many hate comments.

I have done a few battles before but none of them were serious. I have gotten crushed a few times but that’s part of the learning process. Lose, learn what you did wrong, improve for next time.

I also have a Discord Server that I host that’s meant for beatboxing. Please join. I’m trying to grow the server more. I have been rather inactive but I plan to do a jam session on my birthday. so please join. The link will be below.

Other than that, thank you for reading.