All the Beatbox Discord Servers I’m in (OUTDATED)

Click here for the updated list. This post will remain as a memory to myself and will not be taken down. 

Discord is by far, my most used program. I love all the servers I am a part of and some of you people might want to be with and interact with me.

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The first server I am a part of is my own server. I am the admin of the server and is the best way to reach out to me through any of these servers.


The second server is the Beatbox Amino Community. I am a part of the Beatbox Amino Community as a Curator. If you are going to join the server, please join the Amino as well otherwise you may be kicked.


The third server is Music Core. I was invited here by a friend of mine and I am a Moderator there. It’s a tad bit inactive but feel free to start conversations and someone will most likely join.


The fourth server is Survivalists of Nature. This server is also a tad bit inactive because it has very little people. I would like to grow this server so please join this one out of all of them.


The fifth server is Stargaze. This is probably the most organised server out of all of the servers on this list with the exception of HBB.


The sixth server is -Nyaa – Music. I can’t get a server URL for this server but you should be able to search it up and it should pop up.

The seventh server is ChillHub. You may notice that a lot of people in one server, are in another server. This was intended as a test server but it has a beatboxing voice channel so I’m putting it here. I am a Leader here.


The eighth server is Checkmark Army. The gimmick here is that everyone’s name has checkmarks before and after their name. This is a beatbox, rap and music server so if you’re not into any of those, not for you then.


The ninth server is Dubtopia. This is probably the worst server to reach out to me through since I rarely use it but it is owned by Dubby. A lot of the people who play with Dubby are higher ranks so if you want a higher rank in the server, play with Dubby and build a relationship with him.


The tenth server is Human Beatbox Family. This is the other server that is really organised and I participate rather frequently in dailies.


The last server is the /r/beatbox server. This belongs to the Reddit community and it was the first beatbox server I ever joined.


I hope to see you in any of these servers and thank you for reading.


Author: deltabbx

I am a 17-year-old male beatboxer. I hail from Toronto and I have several interests such as gaming, speeches, and of course, beatboxing.

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