How I Judge a Beatbox Battle

Many different people who are judging a beatbox battle have many different things that they judge. Sometimes, it’s way too much so in this blog, I would like to tell you about how I judge a battle.

My first criteria for a battle is a solid flow. A solid flow is just a beatboxer staying in tempo and following the beat. For the most part, beatboxing is done in 4/4 time in music so the beat is 1, 2, 3, 4. If they can put something on the on-beat aka one of the numbers at a certain tempo like 120, then they have a solid flow. This is one of the most basic things that beatboxers should be able to nail down since they basically become a metronome.

My second criteria is a variation of sounds. Confession. I have a very small sound pool. I’m trying to improve it but I have a really small sound pool. If you have a lot of sounds in your arsenal, you can last a battle and make a routine. Having a variation of sounds used in a battle is important because it keeps people interested. They like variation so having different types of sounds like bass and snares offer a good performance.

My third criteria are their specialty. There are several kinds of beatboxers out there and this is dependent on their style. I’ll name a few styles and beatboxers that come to mind with those styles.

Musicality: krNfx

Technicality: Alem

Bass heavy: MTS

Uniqueness: D-Low

Clean beats: Ball-Zee

Masters of a certain sound: NaPoM

It’s not about what style that is chosen but rather, how they execute the style. I personally try to have a bit of all the styles listed above to add some uniqueness to my own style.

My last piece of criteria is how enjoyable it was to listen to. If it’s not nice to listen to, it gets a bad mark. It’s mainly about how others like the performance. There’s a reason that bigger beatboxers on YouTube don’t use more complex sounds. It’s because the general public doesn’t like it. Other beatboxers do but not everyone is a beatboxer so using easier and more identifiable sounds.

And that is how I judge a battle. Flow, variation, style/execution and enjoyability. This may or may not set a guideline for newer judgers but this just how I judge and in no way is the way everyone has.

Other than that, thank you for reading.

Author: deltabbx

I am a 17-year-old male beatboxer. I hail from Toronto and I have several interests such as gaming, speeches, and of course, beatboxing.

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