This Is Me

This has a lot of things you should know about me.

You were probably led here by the About Page or one of the tags which are perfectly fine. You should already know that I am 15 and that I am from Toronto. Perfectly fine as well. Here are a few things you should know about me before continuing on with my blog page and start following it.

Birthday: January 27, 2001

How long have I been beatboxing for: 1 year

Favourite sound: The Inward Click Roll and Crab Scratch combined

Are lip rolls overused: YES (at least at the moment they are)

Do you play any games: I recently got into FTL: Faster Than Light (and I have beaten it three times already within the span of a month so far), and I have been playing Team Fortress 2 over the span of 4 years and League of Legends for 2 years as well. I also started playing Trackmania Nations Forever again for about a month as well.

Any other hobbies aside from gaming and beatboxing: I write speeches for competitions. This really boosts my confidence so I do them to challenge myself with harder topics that I have good ideas for.

Any love: No

Interested in love: Not really. I have a busy life anyways so I won’t have much time to talk

So that’s all the “serious” questions for you. Here are some “not so serious” questions for you now.

Favourite colour: Blue or black

Favourite beatbox battle: Shawn Lee vs K.I.M or krNfx vs D-Low

Favourite beatboxer: krNfx because Toronto

Favourite class in TF2: Medic main right here

Favourite TF2 class loadout: Crusader’s Crossbow, Quick-Fix, Ubersaw

Favourite TF2 item: The Original or the Kritzkrieg AKA “Wait For Your Turn”

Favourite LoL champion: Caitlyn

Favourite LoL skin: Don’t have any really good ones but I really like Hired Gun Lucian since he’s one of my most played champs

Favourite LoL item: Runaan’s Hurricane

That’s enough questions for one post. That’s basically a lot of the things you should know about me. I plan to do more of these but I need your questions in order to continue this since I lack creativity, so comment below some questions you have for me.

One more thing before I end off this post. Please join my Discord Server.

This is for beatboxing. I will be posting events I will be hosting on my server and at what time. I highly recommend you download Discord if you don’t have it already (this isn’t sponsored or anything. I’m way too small to be sponsored at least at the moment)

Other than that, thank you for reading.


Author: deltabbx

I am a 17-year-old male beatboxer. I hail from Toronto and I have several interests such as gaming, speeches, and of course, beatboxing.

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